TopDressing Sand

Best Top Pro Topdressing Sand will meet your demands for quality, consistency and value. It’s just right for those light, frequent applications which are so beneficial to your putting surfaces. It brushes in easily: meaning less disruption in play. TOP PRO is available in a variety of grades.


  • Superior quality, consistent texture, and color to ensure long-term playability
  • More than 90% of sand particles are in the size range of 0.18 to 0.50 mm
  • Brushes in easily, for less disruption in play
  • Contains no soluble salts and has a 7.0pH
  • Meets USGA Topdressing specifications
  • High silica content makes sand hard and weather resistant
  • Dried material is available
  • Particle sizing allows good water infiltration and percolation
  • Sub-angular grain shape yields greater pore space and less compaction
  • Adequate water-holding capacity promotes quality turf grass growth
  • Precise blending of peat